The Civil Rights Blender


Commentary from a Dissident….

Message from the Thought Police:
All the non-liberal, agenda opposing, God-loving, constitution following, gainfully employed, pro-life, patriotic, non-criminal and peaceful people that mind their own business… save the planet and kill yourself or… we will do it for you. And I don’t mean it as a joke.
Folks, this is a real threat to our freedoms and lives. The Agenda is real, creeping into our homes, work places, religious establishments and schools. The enemy is the master of the language, full of lies and deceptions. What has happened to the American spirit, to the independence of individual thought, to the unquenchable thirst of creative freedom. How is it, that what made this nation the greatest is being destroyed by its own people’s malaise. Do you believe that the millions of individuals, propelled by their own desire to live free, who risked their lives to come and be part of this great nation, were just simply wrong? I don’t think so. I have gone through so many emotions; anger, disbelief, sadness and fear. I still can’t believe that so many people around me can’t or won’t see the truth. They choose to accept the lies as truth. Hatred as love. Wickedness as compassion. Force as Justice. Partiality as wholeness. Aggression as peace. Confusion as clarity. Deprivation as bestowal. Trickery as honesty. Illusion as certainty. Lowliness as self respect. Ignorance as knowledge. Animosity as humanity. Misgiving as faith. Welfare as prosperity. Corruption as morality. Slavery as liberation. We are trading our freedoms and independence for totalitarian control. But I promise you, at the end of that blissful road to One People Earth you will find despair, hatred and the death of free society, the society that we are betraying for the promise of humanly assured peace and comfort. The same humans that brought us all the evil. I believe in what I’m writing to you with all my heart. Freedom lies in individual goodness not in a collective Unity administered by the custodians of One-World Government.

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